gibons, my love

I am here, gentle readers. This summer makes more sense to me, though this is a bad season for work, however, this time I have the other reason than no assignments.
I'm mastering SDLX (another computer aided translation tool, or as Baobeir puts it котячье орудие - exact spelling). I am bidding for new jobs...
We were to Toronto twice: to Royal Ontario Museum and to the zoo. There will be pictures. :)
ROM is a splendid place. Adults enjoyed the Chinese collection, European life style through the centuries, some Christian art and Judaica. A huge space is given to kids, with lots of materials, real things and models to touch, sniff, build with or put on.
The zoo was also nice, though this trip was "commited" for Aque. This time gibons, an "electrical" eel and a hyena won my heart. :gb:

2006-09-12 в 13:59 

Hi Marta, don't know what's happening but I find more and more difficult to post comments - they don't appear 3 out of 4 times. Hope you'll be able to see this one..
Anna Maria


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