Yesterday all our Adams family were to the neighbouring town of Dundas - to see the Buskers Festival. Every fourth performer didn't eat fire - the other 3/4 of them did eat fire. As Isabelle from the "Aerian Angels" (what other angels are there, huh?) Trio said: Please remember that the fire of our torches is real, not artificial. Please don't try to repeat our tricks at home. Don't act like us. Don't dress like us! (She was wearing fishnet stockings and black leather clothes).
The most impressive stunts were performed by women. Men mostly played tricks on a crowd or performed simple stunts in the most grotesque way.
I don't like "ordinary" circus with tortured animals and dependent performers. But I respect those people who have chosen this strange and complicated life when they are their own scenario writers and directors, PR managers, accountants and workplace security inspectors. There is something really archaic, free and exciting in the spirit of this culture of street entertainment.

Me? I continue performing my stunts too. All feedbacks are "excellent". This means I handle all those conversations on law, finances and healthcare in French and Chinese. Sometimes I even :) work with Russian and Ukrainian.