я верю - все еще впереди!
меня много великого ждет!
трахнуть принцессу! мир спасти!
(можно - наоборот).
- александр демин

wan sui!

Sorry, guys, this is an "obligatory" entry, because otherwise this diary will be considered as an obsolede (it is, indeed, sorry again) and will be moved to the archive.
I am not in a mood to write a lot.
I am in Jifu now. We consider to live here for a few years at least. I work for the same Taiwanese Agency, Baobeir is back to his Institute as a "senior research fellow". Claudiuccia is going to be a second grader, Joseph is walking, running and climbing a lot and talking a bit.


Thanks God, all my "non-English speaking persons" and my midwives

for our son Joseph Nicodem, born on the 20th of December, 2006. Thanks God, the labour was smooth and fast. Thanks my clients who had up to 11 siblings or children: I saw that "a biological truth" was on their side. Well, I am not able to outnumber them, but I wanted to be a bit closer to them. Thanks to my midwives Kristin and Jennifer - the logistics of God's and humans' will was their responsibility. :born:

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hai huozhe

Hi guys,
I'm here. I owe you a school-like composition "My Summer" and lots of grotesque comments on my life now.
I am waiting for the Minstry of Labour to start an investigation on my claim (you know what is about), I was told that "since we have an online service, the load of claims was tripled." Something suggests me, that it was not an Internet itself, but a "human factor" that created this big load of claims.
I am looking for a job and trying to take care of my mortal shell. I quit the gym in June, for at least a year, and then we'll see where and how I go back to it.
I have a new friend - we met each other on one of the Russian sites about parenting (the one that used to have and finally banished home-made porn :zhosh: :bath: ). We discovered that our common aquintances used to tell us about each other... Tell what? Well, you can imagine... My friend grew up in a Russian-speaking community in the Central Asia, studied in the States and here and was an English as a Second Language and French Immersion teacher, and in her early 20es has a huge experience of all kinds of jobs, communities and lifestyles. She is a mother of an exciting human being - call her a late miscarriage or a triumph of life and a sign from Providence - who was born at 6 (!) months by gestation and now is "like every baby". I'll show you the pictures from our short trips with them (my friend breastfeeds and takes her daughter with her wherever she goes).
We went to Toronto for a few times, as always, museums and salmon roe. :) And lots of pictures taken there.
The Ukr. school resumed, and I teach there again.


gibons, my love

I am here, gentle readers. This summer makes more sense to me, though this is a bad season for work, however, this time I have the other reason than no assignments.
I'm mastering SDLX (another computer aided translation tool, or as Baobeir puts it котячье орудие - exact spelling). I am bidding for new jobs...
We were to Toronto twice: to Royal Ontario Museum and to the zoo. There will be pictures. :)
ROM is a splendid place. Adults enjoyed the Chinese collection, European life style through the centuries, some Christian art and Judaica. A huge space is given to kids, with lots of materials, real things and models to touch, sniff, build with or put on.
The zoo was also nice, though this trip was "commited" for Aque. This time gibons, an "electrical" eel and a hyena won my heart. :gb:



- I've spoken with your husband. He is so clever. He is a research fe-ellow.
- Thanks.
- And he is your second husband, isn't he?
- Pardon?!
- Haven't you divorsed from that Chinese?...
- Chinese?!
So, that could be almost 7 years ago, somebody told the good lady's husband that I "got married and went to China". So their conclusion was very rite! I only was too surprised to tell her that before marrying Baobeir I didn't divorse from that Chinese, and we live happily in a very multicultural and almost Swedish family. :kisa:


waddling-paddling-shmadling pool

The season is open! Klavka splashes in a fountain pool. Sun, light thunderstorms, air filled with scents of pine and grass. Some time ago looking out of my window ;) I could hardly believe in warmth. :)


Multicultural (...)

- And, come on in, monsieurs, signori, everything to please you!
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deep whorest-2006

Today Klavka and I took our first stroll in woods - in winter the trails were closed (to cut old and sick trees). No flowers or leaves, but one chipmunk. :)
Well, I've found the name of a funky caterpillar we saw last fall. Its stripe was one third of its body.
Some people believe that the Woolly Bear caterpillar can tell if the winter is going to be mild or rough. If the stripe on the woolly bear is narrow, it means the winter is going to be mild. If the stripe on the caterpillar is wide, it means the winter is going to be easy.


"Faffangulo!" Day

If you don't know or don't remember, let me tell you, that in former SU and its satelites like Mongolia the 8th of March is celebrated as kinda' Hina Matsuri and St. Valentine's day mix for ladies exclusively. Sorry for being so cynical, but the less person is satisfied with her life, the more she is prone to wish me "to get a lot of attention from your husband, be prowd of being a woman, enjoy it". People wish me all the best especially because... my name sounds "almost like" the name of this month. I get Power Point presentations compiled of National Gepgraphic style pictures of orchids, Photoshop cliche of landscapes, photos of cute kittens - in the Soviet times the deaf people were selling such photos in the suburban trains - and pantyhose ads form ELLE with the name of a brand removed. And it is written there, that God created a woman as the biggest miracle and mystery (illustrated by a pantyhose ad), and this miracle and mystery combines the independent spirit of mountains (National Geographic+Photoshop) and the elegance of waters (Photoshop)...
Guys, I'm moved to f*ing tears! I also wish you big cabbages in your Italian garden and nice birds in your Italian orchard! Enjoy yourselves! :sex3:


They do know-2 (Bertolucci)

Yesterday late in the evening we started watching a movie by Bertolucci, the title in Russian sounds like "In a siege/blocade" - I'll check later. A masterpiece, provoking compassion and so many thoughts. And memories of our own "heritage". And, among the thoughts, watching a teacher asking kids the difference between a leader and a boss: "Why does he use his time for that brain-washing? And what if one day he gets a box of AK-47 from his "leader" and shares its contents with his students?" Mal'chish-Kibal'chish, nah! Growing up in a brain-washing country, we were tought to mock at a fat "bourgeois" boss - and later saw that everybody mocking actually didn't mock, but was jealous and eager to become such a fat boss, the more bossy boss than any real "bourgeois" boss would dare to be. And ridiculing fat/laziness... So common. Liberation Tigers Tamil-Eelam use these images as provocations too...
Today at St. Vladimir we had to commemorate the victims of the artificial famine (Golodomor) in 1932-33. The principal had asked us to find the most apt, short and non-harming way to tell the kids about that catastrophe. I was preparing to borrow some of the Singer's thoughts that the 20th century was notorious for the attacks on civilians, so Golodomor was one of the homicides targeting the neutral, obidient civilians. I'm sick and decided to stay home today. The other teachers explained that to the children. However, I feel that the next week I have to go back to this event. Talk for three minutes. Be concise. And point out the grief, not the hate. I am not that teacher from the movie.


Bianfu! Wanted!

Dear all, could you suggest me a page where the traditional bianfu design is shown quite clear and big? The positive meaning of bats in the Chinese culture is mentioned everywhere, but I want to show Klavka those bright and fancy symbols.


Huizu doll

Yesterday we were to Toronto. The cats hid from us, but the poisonous fishes came to the aquarium wall to greet us. :) We were late to the Textile Museum, but ate a nice set of sushi, drunk sake, bought a doll from a series of nationalities of China - in a costume of Hui nationality, as Klavka chose it looking at the dresses and not at the characters :) , visited lots of thrift shops, Baobeir and I visited Condom Shack taking turns.


cats and roe forevah

Canada has its own Thanksgiving - in October. Thanksgiving Monday will be on the 10th of October. We have a day off at the Ukrainian school. Our friend in Toronto (let's call him Sasha :) ) has invited us on this weekend, we have to agree about the date. Sasha has some salmon roe for us. As I've told you, it smells and tastes different from what we are used to find in cans. It is pale orange, not red. It smells cod liver oil - I like to scare people telling them that at the age of 3 I gulped it eagerly. :tease2: That time it could be find in pharmacies in bottles, not capsules.
I think we'll have a party again, and I'll scratch the dundruf :) from his "naked" cats, they enjoy it and bite slightely to encourage you to scratch them more. :) Those cats' body temperature is 45 C!


Halloween is cancelled

Father Vasyl' :pope: objects the celebration of Halloween at the Ukrainian school. It seems that we can make an alternative party on that day, without decay symbolics. Thus I'd better don't even read a poem by Vasyl' Stus to my students. The poem is about Bald Mountain near Kiev, a place notorious for pagan orgies, and about almost the same time - mid-October and about the fading nature. Actually, no witchcraft is mentioned there, and the poet, I think, was not even aware of the existence of Halloween. As he was not aware of his death in the Soviet prison in... 1985 - the time of "peryestroika" and other "democratic changes". That's why I say it's permanent Halloween in my motherland, and though this celebration could be a good occasion for "my kids" to learn the Ukrainian words for "warts" :) and like, I don't want to celebrate it.
Here is the poem, sorry, I don't translate poetry. :)

На Лисій горі догоряє багаття нічне,
I листя осіннє на Лисій горі догоряє,
а я вже забув, де та Лиса гора, i не знаю,
чи Лиса гора впізнала б мене.
Середина жовтня, пора надвечір’їв твоїх,
твоїх недовір i невір i осіннього вітру.
I вже половина життя забувається. Гріх
уже забувається. Горе i радість нехитра.
Середина жовтня — твоїх тонкогорлих розлук,
I я вже не знаю, не знаю, не знаю, не знаю,
чи я вже помер, чи живу, чи живцем помираю,
бо вже відбриніло, вiдквiтло, вiдгасло, вiдграло навкруг.
Та досі ще пахнуть тужливі долоні тобі,
I губи гiркi аж солоні i досі ще пахнуть,
I Лиса гора пролiта — схарапудженим птахом,
I глухо, як кров ув аортах, надсадно гудуть голуби.


le dossier pour chaque monsieur

The idea is freaky, but why not?! I've registered to be found throught a satelite map, :five: although I can't see myself as a blue baloon :search: - I am not a Platinum member. :)



The American side


no sex causes bad bananas

Harrowsmith Country Life, No. 181
"Bananas are actually sterile and seedless, thanks to 10,000 years of hybridizing and breeding. It seems the seeds of the wild banana (Musa acuminata) are hard and render the fruit inedible. But while sterility makes bananas palatable, it may spell genetic disaster. Without sexual reprodution :doggy: to add a splash to the gene pool, each variety of modern banana is devoid of genetic diversity, thereby making it ripe for desease like no other crop on earth...
"The only option is to find a new variety of banana yet again... [as it was done in the early 20th century by introducing Cavendish sort of bananas]
"Introducing new genetic traits such as disease resistance is near impossible because the banana is sterile.

The Dehli-based centre for Science and Environment detected pesticides in Coke in excess of the limits. Sales of Coke as a soft-drink fall, but farmers started spraying Coke onto their crops of chili and fields of cotton, and claim that it works. It is even cheaper than real pesticides. Experts say, that not pesticide, but citric and phosphoric acids kill insects. "And if it's not the pesticide esidue or the added acids, it could very well be the high sugar content."


More than 50 years ago

on a roof of St. Sophia Cathedral: my father (on the right) and his friend Zhenya. The photo was taken by my grandfather, who had been exploring the surface of the cathedral that time.


foot-bending technique

Her Pakistani caregiver could not teach her that - she just wraps her head in a long and wide piece of cloth, Aque has learnt that fast.
Umeko? ;)


the color of our future

I still wonder why didn't I follow the advise to serve coffee at Tim Hortons. "They hire people constantly," - I was told. If I didn't get that advise from a wife of a Baobeir's colleague - he plans to get a permanent position of a real prof somewhere here, and she calculates her income when she's back to work and plans to invite a live-in caregiver from her home country - I would not mention that advise here.

You may see, finally my investment in an I-bring-Klavka-to-her-home caregiver resulted in a contract with The Agency. I am a self-employed subcontractor of The Agency. Big Ideas for Growing Your Small Business, Solutions for Canadians / Frances McGuckin. Yes, I did borrowed this book. I've been roaming the library picking every book attracted my attention, CD as well. I have to know more about the culture of my collegues. I have to be prepared for some new kinds of assignments. I have to learn some slogans: The Agency got recognition plates from a sity major for its imput into anti-racist movement.
I bring them home: a handbook on forensic science... Powerpoint for dummies... Fiesta Filipina CD...
That's amazing, but when the slogans are not recited by Boris Paramonov from Radio Liberty, the things turn to have a human face: The Color of Our Future by Farai Chideya. Somebody had the same "complicated childhood and toys made of concrete" just like me. The differences between us are minor: the gender of a single parent and my knowledge of... the rap music. And the skin colors. I like the books (and people) tuned on a positive wave.

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