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orchids a month ago

Here are some of the pictures, I've chosen the biggest flowers becuse the diary doesn't allow to upload the larger size photos, and the most sophisticated tiny orchids would not be seen.
How much I like them all!


about me (in Russian)

Когда родился я, никто не ждал такого,
Мир вздрогнул, но меня он всё же встретил.
В одной руке держал я - Ушакова,
В другой был - Даль. Ожегов - в третьей.

(с) LonelyLion
Well, Klavka could be born with Lingvo installed, but the nature takes some rest after creating a masterpiece.
to be continued



I still have to rewrite a few passages of my translation for Luo the Elder. This time those are the quotes from a handbook on ethnobotany (the author's last name is Cotton). The famine foods, the pasturalism in Sahara and Sahel and so on.
Borrowed a few books by David Crystal, among them his recent How language works.
All fiction is for Klavka, as always - that's for years (!) already, that I read only handbooks, no "belles-lettres". I'll look for Alexandra Fuller, finally. I read her article in that NG issue on Africa - a prominent sense of everything grotesque. Even more acute than mine. Considering the biographies of great people (Fuller and I :alles: ), it looks like posters at playgroups don't cheat us: one's early ears do last for the whole life. :zombie:


everyday life capriccios

I washed the frying pan thoroughly after making that "chocolate pizza". Though, frying some mushrooms on it I felt the flavour of vanilla and caramel (some white chocolate with almonds was for the "pizza crust" :lalala: ). No dice - a garlic clove kills that all.
In the morning, in a corner closest to my side of a bed I found quite a big... cricket. When I turned my back to it, it disappeared. Klavka wanted to get rid of it and also asked why didn't butterflies come to our place. A good question. I'd like to know what a cricket was doing there and how it came to us? :alles:

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Did you know that...
Jianada switches to Daylight Saving Time a week later than Europe and Russia. :clock2:


this spring is awfull

There was a belief among the Ukrainian peasants, that before the first thunder one should not start any work on fields. The first thunderbolt shakes the earth and it becomes fertile - so the earlier efforts would be useless. Well, we had a few thunderstorms in winter (another scary fact about Jianada :) ), but that doesn't count.
Today in the afternoon I heard a cracking, harsh sound from the gray but high clouds running fast while there was almost no wind on the streets. And there was a rainshower, and some sunshine right after it, but no rainbow. I like the
"This love is awful, this spring is good..." Or vice versa. Well, I don't dare to translate quotes from Shevchouk's lyrics any more. ;) http://www.proz.com/kudoz/975864
Hopefully, the spring comes. Although we didn't have a real winter this year... My sinuses were swollen almost all the winter, and again, I don't exercise for a month. But my money are taken as usually. :ass:
As my Serbian colleague says: "You know, our people often use these exprеssions like It hurts as if I had a knife in my knee, and the doctor wonders how could one know how it feels - to have a knife in a knee." I would quote Louis Ferdinand Celine in reply... "As the fever stops, the life loses colors."

With Aque I made a "chocolate pizza" - made a few sorts of chocolate melt one over the other in a frying pan, put some dried cranberries and apple chips over it and let it harden. Aque is happy. She is already planning her future: "I will teach Barbie-like stuff and the math of heart shapes." ("Я буду преподавать барбическое и буду преподавать математику сердечек.")

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Art Brute masterpiece

Well, I'll join the Pygmies later, OK? Now I'd make a relaxation session looking at this waxwing (as the insсriрtion says). The picture of an unknown artist (I know only the age - 6 years) is stolen from one of the Russian sites about parenting (that one I show you, Anna Maria and Morgan :hah: ).


Scary facts about Jianada

At The Barn Store you may find a cabob stick with sea scalops wrapped in thin slices of lard. "Salo, salo v shokoladi!.."* Show me the one who invented that! (Well, they were on sale...)

On Saturday the teachers were finishing the Easter cards. The poster paint we used was not of the best quality, trying to dilute it I recalled Li Fu from Bieyu, how he tought us to dilute the ink and was often pointing if the ink was too watery or too thick. I mentioned that aloud and then told the other teachers about Klavka's former caregiver A. and those quality artistic materials she used to give the kids to draw - almost to play with. I praised A, and one of the teachers added a solemn conclusion to that: "You see, there are good people here too."
The talk about people moved to other skin colors, and the conclusion about them was also made in a quite optimistic way: "There are good people among them."
Don't you know when it is the next flight to the land of Pygmies? :fly: :yuga:
* A mocking song about a Ukrainian "Bounty" bar: "Chocolate covered pig lard"

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a versatile tool ;)

How many usages can you name for plastic cuttlery? ;) Today I can name one more. :lalala:
But the most impressive thing was the object found by this marvelous, versatile tool (e.g. a plastic fork)! It used to be silvery and shining. In less than 48 hours it turned dark and dull! I bet, in a week time she would digest the ball! :gigi:
Looking at the "finding" she asked me: "What are you going to do with it now?" A-aaaaaaa! :sculpt:



As expected, the racial and genetic rules for fingerprints appeared to be bullshit.


However no words may tell you what a pleasure it is to study the laogong's hands for fingerprints. :attr: :five:


young naturalist (forevah young!)

Once at the central library the police services :ment: held a child identification clinic - e.g. were taking the fingerprints of all "minors". For free. Today looking at the fingerprints I've noticed that Klavka has all three types of fingerprints while I have only two. "Once upon a time" I used to read a popular article that "loops" are more common in Caucasoids, "archs" - in people of Asian descent. I'm not sure about the third type that Claudiuccia has. And I'm not sure if that relation "fingerprints - race" is true. I'm eager to check Baobeir's fingers when he's back from work. :) (What if I find something African in him? :alles: )

Well, that's not all. You may remember that swallowed tooth. Now I know for sure: that was not done on purpose. Because yesterday in the evening Klavka swallowed a smooth and heavy iron ball from a GeoMag TM constructor. She did not want to do that. Playing in her room she just put it in her mouth and hold it there, so when I entered into her room, she gasped (she knew that I would scold her if I noticed) and swallowed it.
The doctor on-call told me that "people of all ages swallow all kinds of things more often than you may think.
You may imagine our conversations with Baobeir after that over the phone consultation. One of the thoughts: Just imagine, how often and what they insert into their rectums.



deep whorest-2006

Today Klavka and I took our first stroll in woods - in winter the trails were closed (to cut old and sick trees). No flowers or leaves, but one chipmunk. :)
Well, I've found the name of a funky caterpillar we saw last fall. Its stripe was one third of its body.
Some people believe that the Woolly Bear caterpillar can tell if the winter is going to be mild or rough. If the stripe on the woolly bear is narrow, it means the winter is going to be mild. If the stripe on the caterpillar is wide, it means the winter is going to be easy.



Today at the Ukr. school kids were making the Easter cards for the community seniors. Natasha (a twenty-slightly-something daughter of one teacher - Natasha actually studies computer science and was for the first time at the school) came to share her childhood hobby with us: Petrykiv style folk painting. And shown the paintbrush traditionally home-made by the folk artists - it was made of cat's fur. :) The fur should be cut from under the cat's chin only. :) "Feed the cat, and meanwhile cut a bit from under its chin." Well, the principle of this painting is making strokes like /pie/ in the Chinese calligraphy, but they can be longer and in any direction.
The kids were glad to have only half an hour of real studies. I was glad to meet Natasha, she's a really agreeable person. I've borrowed two of her works for Klavka's "show and tell" at the public school. (Later I'll write a long and profound "research" titled something like "The bad teaching methods at schools cause substance abuse in parents" :) with the bottom line: children and childhood are not as terrible as it may seem to childless people :born: , but some adults do everything to make idiots of children. Faffangulo!)



So now you'll ask me about my (my :) ) Swahli. Well, I've borrowed a course with audiocassettes (that I can't listen to), that turned out to be a phrase book. :ass: However, now I know what's the Swahili for toilet paper - makaratasi ya choo, and candy - halua. :up:

Other "news": a long red silk skirt from The Salvation Army for 2.99 :) Canadian. Klavka wears a pair of thick and warm trouses - blue with yellow dragons - and even without that famous hole :) (export model, for Chinatowns) - from the same shop.
A funky stuff is the cashew nuts butter (it's even stickier than the peanut butter) - fair trade shop. Then, @ St. Lawrense marketplace in Toronto one can buy a little jar of red wine jelly with the taste of vin chaud. :lip: There is also a good choice of little figurines of maple sugar. These things are more expensive than the clothes.

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didn't succeed this time...

Dear applicant,

We are writing to you in reference to your application for the 2006 Competitive Examination for Chinese-language verbatim reporters, editors and translators.
After a careful review of your application, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected to sit for this examination. Please note the decision of the Board of Examiners is final and we are not in a position to give individual feedback to applicants.
Thank you for your interest in the examination. Please accept our sincere best wishes for success in your future endeavours.

Examinations and Tests Section
Office of Human Resources Management
United Nations
New York

Thanks to baten'ka D.R. for the suggestion to try this challenge, that was 100 % useful! I'll follow up on their new offers, why not?

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A haunted office

The Agency have moved into a temporary office. Now they rent two narrow cubicles at a wide one storey house. Then there is a big hall in the middle of the house, at the back there is a room with a semi-circular wall of double-glass panes and a round table in it. Well, there is a kitchen, a washroom and... a cat too. :bcat: I've heard it meowing. There is a counter at the entrance and three inclined windows in the pointed roof. It is stuffed with the strange, almost "antique" (especially as for the New World :) ) furniture. Everything is covered with dust. The Agency are the only people who rent some space there, so most of the time this is our coordinator who is the only person in the house. :ghost: The freak who owns that house calls our boss at 7 a.m. and wants to play the guitare for her. I have no idea how this place was used before. One of my colleagues says that the place lookes like the Soviet brothel. I don't know on what evidence this statement is based on. ;) But could be, could be, yeah... :) So today I brought my camera to our office, and we had a photosession inside. :D :pozdr2:
There came a young Arabian lady who used to do some "cultural studies" back in her home country. She was waiting for the interview with our boss. I don't know if she was hired, but surely she was impressed by our foolery she witnessed. She also wanted to know what is the wage she might expect and if I was happy working for the agency. I was too excited by the occasion for an exhibitionism, that when she asked about the salary for the second time, I was still polite. Well, happiness of working. M-mmm... Satisfaction could be a better word. Or am I pickig on the words? Yes, I am satisfied. But not my wallet. Is this happiness?

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to chase the devils away :)

Though I think Klavka just took seriously my joke that she was made of cotton candy. My sugar snap...

BTW, have you seen this?! I'm moved to tears again.


you wanted to know about BEARS, but were afraid to ask

From a pamphlet about aboriginal beliefs:
One day a woman was picking berries. By accident, she slipped on some bear droppings and spilled the berries. The woman became angry and blamed the bears for her bad luck. The bears heard the woman call them names and became very angry with her. They captured her and took her away to their village.
At first the woman felt very sad. She missed her family and her own village. But Bear Father was kind to her. She married Bear Father and they had twin bear cubs. Many years later the woman went back to her village. She taught the people to always respect the bears and all living creatures.

The message to the contemporaries: "shit preparedines for girls".
The message for the coming generations: "bear shit is biodegradable, human (...) is biodegradable - we all are brethern!"


you wanted to know about kids, but were AFRAID to ask

On Saturday my student V, her mother G, and our Adams family were to Marine Discovery Centre (here in the Steel City). This is a kind of a natural history museum withh the focus on water.
Klavka was impressed by a stuffed black bear in the Centre's lobby. We were told that it was a female bear hit by a car somewhere far to the North from us.
After going to bed (a usual time for a short story and a talk about everything) Klavka asked again and again about that bear, then about wild and domestic animals, and something more, I don't remember. And then there came a question: If a person dies, can one cut a bit of his flesh and taste it?
I took a deep breath and explained about the taboo on canibalism, about funerals.
If I were a social worker, I would read the blogs and then... :ment:

P.S. @ the museum Klavka operated the toy canal locks in the right way, helped an animator to build "an igloo" of plastic "ice blocks" and really enjoyed the place. So do the adults. G drove us there. :love:

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