"Daddy, play "She rules my house..." for me!"

Claudiuccia is asking for Nick Cave's Jack The Ripper.
Children's Aid is watching you!
Well, she doesn't distinguish the following words: "...with an iron fist". And she doesn't know the name of the song neither who was Jack The Ripper.

Klavka spells some English words - makes them of alphabet pretzels. She writes sock as sog, asks how to spell Snow White, then she wants to make a word hide of it, but writes it as hite.

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zhao yang...

I'm working. Our new office is with the guys who help drug-addicted people and people with disabilities to find jobs, housing etc. On the opposite side of the building there is a filthy second-hand store with lots of... wedding dresses in it. My work is about disablities, benefits for unemployed, schools and seniors.

The school year at the Ukr. school is finished. I am sure that a teacher has no right to blame the students for anything, but I am quite disappointed with the output of my work there. However, I got a present from their parents: a set of lotions and bath products and a bag of white chocolate with hazelnuts and dried cranberries. And a note:
The boys enjoyed the year and I know they learned a fair bit. You are an excellent teacher, have been very patient with them, and made learning interesting (eg the crime scene, which they still talk about). We will see you next week at the BBQ! (Ya plakal!)

Aque is creating fairytales about Cinderella who found some matzot bread and sings "Helala haza matza!" - if I could only know what does it mean, but she says that clearly with a specific pronounciation, so now I feel a certain relief, that they are not making just a sinologist for me, though they watch Mulan for 10 minutes every day.

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Felis viverrina

Lives in a common apartment in Krasnoyarsk. And his owner bathes in water with milk - that's how she explains the strange color of the water they soak in. ;)


Stone Age rocks! (A cultural phenomenon)

This program is designed to prevent someone to put an evil eye on your pictures on-line!

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How to save a language (c) Crystal

It is almost a word-by-word quote, I cut out only a few words - I like his rich vocabulary, and a complicated, but an easy to read narration.
"It is not cheap: getting linguists into the field, training local analysts, supporting the community with language resources and teachers, compiling grammars and dictionaries, writing materials for use in schoolsn- and all over a period of several years, because it takes a lot of time to revitalize an endangered language. A fugire of 100,000 dollars a year per language cannot be far from the truth. If we devoted that amount of effort over three years for each of 3,000 languages, we would be talking about some 900 million dollars.
"Or shall we say a billion dollars? It sounds like a lot. But it is equivalent to just over one day's OPEC oil revenues, in an average year. Or a fraction of the profits of the major computer organizations. It would be fine if the companies which have most fostered the linguicidal consequences of globalization in the last century should be the ones to save the world's languages and cultures from extinction in this one. It could be done.


Are you linguistically aware? ;)

Voila. It's late to hide. The victims are already chosen. And the game is not about manga heroes or "what do you wear now and what is your favourite color?" It is much more dreadful. :fkr: Because that's about languages. :) My "questionnaire" is based on the last pages of a book by David Crystal How language works.

Sleeping Beauty; Fire, walk with me; ..Босиком и в юбке.. Could you please answer those questions:
were you aware of these problems before?
do you agree that they deserve your attention?
if yes, what do you do/going to do to improve the present state of affairs?
If you are short of time, answer half of the questions or give short answers.
The questions are in English, because I want them to be seen for those of my friends who don't understand Russian, but please feel free to answer these questions in any language I understand. :)
Anyone else is very welcome to comment this "game", but initially I am targeting those who have "no special linguistic background". (A real sadist, huh?!)

Have you already accuired a linguistic temperament? ;)

1. Are you concerned about endangered languages?
The concern can take many forms, not only linguistic documentation, but also lobbying for political support, helping at the community level, fund-rising.

2. Are you concerned about minority languages, even if they are not in any global sense endangered?
Those who are a small part of a large community want to see their language treated with respect by the dominant culture; they want opportunities (usually means funding) to use their language in public and see it valued. "It would be intellectually dishonest to take pride in the achievements of our own language while denying the same opportunity to others."

3. Are you interested in all accents and dialects within a language?
This is the readiness to accept the variety of forms a language takes as it varies from one part of a country to another.

4. Are you concerned about the expressive range of language?
This means all varieties and styles in a language, whether spoken or written, formal or informal, regional or social, domestic or professional. It means being concerned over standards of excellence, while recognizing that language reflects many needs and activities. Also: don't let the standard language learned at school replace the local dialects.

5. Are you multilingually minded?
There are still many cultures which are monolingual in temperament. These are the disadvantaged ones. Benefits, as pople begin to learn [another language] can be economic
as well as personal.

6. Do you accept change in language as a normal process?
This means seeing it not as decay or deterioration. Because language change is inevitable, continuous, universal, and multidirectional. Languages do not get better or worse, when they change. They just - change.

7. Are you concerned about those who are having difficulties learning their mother tongue - whether for medical, psychological, or other reasons?

As many as 10 % of the child population can be affected by disabilities in listening, speaking, reading, or writing. Deafness, cleft palate, dyslexia, and language delay. That is a world where there is a shortage of funding too.

8. Are you concerned about those who have lost their ability to use a mother tongue in which they were once proficient?
Aphasia and other syndroms as a secuence of stroke of other forms of brain damage.

9. Do you want to foster a link between the study of language and the study of literature?
We need to allow more language awareness into the literature class, and more literary examples into the language class.

10. Finally, do you appreciate, truly appreciate, the value of language in human development and society?
Languages should be thought of as national treasures, and treated accordingly.


Not only a horse

but there is a nuthatch called after Przevalski. :)
White-cheeked (Przewalski’s) Nuthatch Sitta leucopsis przewalskii
These distinctive birds, with a strong orange wash to the underparts, are a geographically isolated race, quite different in appearance to the nominate form resident in the western Himalayas, and may merit specific status.




When birds build their nests in the hollow tree branches or trunks, we always imagine that an entrance to their hiding place, a hole in a trunk is on the side. Today we've seen the other "model": remains of a cut big tree branch, protruding almost vertically among other branches of a normal length. There is a couple of titmice living in this branch, so they enter and come out through that place, where the branch was cut, they emerge from it, then go inside like Santa through a chimney. :) And the tree is all in bloom, that's a decorative "wild apple tree" with double pink flowers.



Now I can differentiate 3 tones combined with 3 different paces of chirping. It used to sit in Klavka's room, so I had to catch it and bring it to our room - Klavka wasexcited to watch it caught under a transparent plastic box, but didn't want to share the room with it.


A faabbbulous visit with Andy Warhol

Uncle Andy's is a book by Andy Warhol's nephes James Warhola. I don't think it has a big value for kids, but adults will be excited. :)


Phallic logo

The link is stolen from another diary.



It is wandering in our house and chirps everywhere - now in a bathroom. I am really concerned about the insect's well-being, because there is a spider, although a very thin-legged one, living in our bathroom. :)
I enjoy the first chirping sound after some silence - it is harsh, metalic and it resembles something "very technical" being tuned and trimmed.


other samples

The Ukr. school went for a field trip to St. Vladimir Institute in Toronto. There is an archive there, a few windows like in a museum. Looking at 50-60 years-pld sepia photos of that time refugees moving to Canada from Austrian and other European camps for internationally displaced persons, I thought that the paper and pigment were of the good quality... But where are "standards", I ask you?! I may understand, that one photo of a mother of two boys was taken like "3/4", but the photocamera should be placed somewhere closer to the lady's knees to take that picture. Why that time "clandestinos" were not looking at the camera. And the immigration documents have quite a messy lay-out. I'm glad that now we all are simultaneously flying over the coocoo's nest, and my clients are paid to get the appropriate pictures of themselves to be pasted to the documents. Insh'Allah!

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A Woodoo doll

It seems that service providers :) enjoy explaining the subtleties of the NESP's health condition using my mortal shell like a model. :)


that cricket!

And half an hour ago the cricket has given up its presence: it sits under the radiator and chirps! :worm: And becomes silent if any of us approaches, or if our neighbour becomes too loud (!). I've peeled a kiwi fruit and gave the singer its peel to eat, but I haven't check if it has touched the food.

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the coolest news

We bought an Asus notebook. Now I am using the old one, and Baobeir is perfectioning the new laptop. It has a built-in video camera, so Klavka was dancing in front of it watching herself. :type:



A complain very common in my clients-medical patients: People say: "How come, you can't work?! You are walking on the streets, you are eating..." Do they expect me not to eat, be unable to walk?!


vodka is a Russian psychoanalysis

Поражение фрейдизму в России нанесла водка. Мир через очищающую оптику стакана – многограннее и ярче. В поговорке "Что у трезвого на уме, то у пьяного на языке" явственно одобрение: что думает человек, то и говорит. На этом стоит институт собутыльничества, алкогольной дружбы. Водка – и есть русский психоанализ.
An article about Freud in Russia on the site of Radio Liberty :hah:

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"not with my luck"

G. drives her son to Quebec today: Mathew is going to take an advanced course in French there. She proposed me to join her. It takes 8 to 9 hours to get there, so we would sleep-over there before going back. But I work (both for The Agency and @ the Ukr. school) and throw Klavka's "after-Birthday" party these days.
However, I need to escape somewhere this summer. I can't stay in The Steel City...

BTW, Family Fitness have recently installed a dry sauna (forbidden for me now) and a jacuzzi pool. Last time I wanted to enter it, but my phone rang... Hope for the Saturday afternoon.

I am reading Culinary Artistry by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page (if you had any doubt, let me tell you, that American chefs are the smartest in the whole world, and Frenchmen are idiots... :yad: ) and How Language Works by David Crystal. I love his works! :heart:

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Really enegretic, bright, distinctive melodies!

Franz Kafka Multicultural Tzirkus Ltd.