heterochromatophilia :D



in memoria of Jean Piaget

Klavka asks me to take a picture of a castle wall she has built: "Take the picture of the wall and the blue cars too". It seems that she understand photos like a kind of drawing, so as if I could depict one part of the whole "landscape" and ommit the other part.
We are reading "Ther Berenstain Bears. Draw-it!". I comment that grandpa Yura teaches drawing the same way as the bear does (I didn't expect the Americans to be so right about art :D ). "Yes, grandpa Yura teaches to draw and to crack nuts."


my meticulous daughter...

I wash Klavka with a bath glove in a shape of a frog - a common thing in dollar stores, so I don't expect an excellent quality. The frog was torn in a week. I sew it together, Klavka comes closer and asks me if the thread I use suits the color of the glove.
What to expect when she grows up?!


jiusan, leguan...

I could write about the news about a Jewish guy beaten almost to death in Kiev or about the ailments in our family and around us. But I just don't want to share all my negative emotions with others.
"Grandfather Yuri" sent us a shining still life of end-of-the-summer flowers, spikelets and dry poppy heads for Spas. I was thinking of reproducing it on a piece of silk, so I was to the artistic materials shop looking for silk. I didn't buy any silk, I bought nothing, just touched pastel crayons and reed pens (kalam).
Erin show me lots of new exercises, I don't remember all names. Have to copy the sheet of exercises next time.
My father also wrote us about some funny things and made some predictions. Unfortunately, they were right (see above).
Now we are leaving, so I'll write about the funny things later.


a voice from an empty seat

Well, I may be very tired in the evenings, reading aloud and interpreting phrase by phrase from the children's books may be challenging after a bustling day. It happens, when I first read "a newt" in English and then have to interpret this word into Russian - "triton" - I come up with an amazing coinage: "Newton. Sorry, sorry, sweety, I ment triton, that was a slip of a tongue, no newtons..."
But sometimes translation for a child may be better, when you read:

"From one of the empty seats in front of the theater came a softer voice. "Calm down, Klenk. They'll keep the mice away." It was the artist, quetly sketching.

I must admit: the book is not about ghosts or even a ghost of Degas. This is Bijou, Bonbon&Beau. The kittens who danced for Degas by Joan Sweeney. Tell me, guys, what's wrong with me, but I can't imagine an empty seat talking or somebody sitting in an empty spot.


Devoted MarKSist

Mr. Marks knows a lot about me. He knows the reason why I have week-long pauses in my trainings, he knows how many languages I speak (although first he said I was kidding him about Chinese - then he asked me how would he say: "Will you go shopping with me?" and then he believed me). Reading one diary here (who said diaries save time?! once you are on the site, you want to be aware who are your neighbours), where a guy writes very precisely about his workouts, and chatting with Mr. Marks, I got an idea to copy and translate [into all 6 languages] the names of my exercises. Here they are, but I don't give the mass of weights and how many times an exercise is repeated. On purpose. :)
Legs: wall squats w/ a Swiss ball, stair lunges, leg press, leg extensions*, curls*. (Pick 3 of listed for one workout.)
Back: seated row, lat pulldowns, pull-ups. (Pick 2.)
Chest: press, fly, pushup. (Pick 2.)
Shoulders: machine shoulder press.
Biceps: curls.
Triceps: pressdown, press rope.
Also: "ab" crunches, reverse crunches, stretching, plank on knees.


Sun Wukong

I borrowed a book of "Chinese Children's Favourite Tailes" retold and illustrated by Mingmei Yip. Now Klavka asks why did "little monkey" get three heads (Monkey King fighting Little Immortal) and what were the names of the children of Spinning Girl and Cowherd. The illustrations deserve to be shown here: "wild kitch" in nianhua style!


lyrics... fog, insects, birds...

Here comes the Indian summer. On the 19th, the Christian feast of Transfiguration (a.k.a. Spas, marking the end of summer in a folk calendar), there was a heavy shower, and after it Klavka and I were walking in a park near the forest, a few blocks from our house. A socker field was covered with fog, it looked exactly as the fog is often described: like milk poured on the ground. It seemed to be opaque, Klavka wanted to enter it, and the deeper we went, the farther the fog moved.
Finally I've borrowed a field guide to insects and spiders, but even without it a few days ago I've recognised a big praying mantis in a hand of a guy walking towards me. He found the creature on a shop window (that day there was a strong wind, so the mantis was blown there rather than came itself) and wanted to put it somewhere on a grass. Klavka wanted the insect to crawl into her hand, but I suggested not to disturb them (the guy and the mantis :) ).
In the book I've found other insects: mud-dauber wasp (flying around), leafhoppers (falling on us from trees), and ornate tiger moth (lives from Great Basin to Pacific Coast, however seen in the forest - or that was its close relative).
Red cardinals became seen more often, and Canadian geese gather on a socker field behid the high school on Main Street.


language cocktail

I've already contacted the Early Words (speech therapists) services. A cry for help: Aque is very slow it acquiring English. The fifth (!) language in her 4 years life. Not to mention Philippino dialects and Ojibway. :) And today on a playground she was playing with two Chinese girls and repeating after them "bu yao" and "bu dong". One more reason to forgive Canada its S.I.N.s is that in the Steel City I practice my Chinese every day. But when Aque starts speaking it even not being aware that she already stepped onto a different communication way (e.g. she makes no difference with English)... I am not blaming myself or anybody. Klavka sees that I talk to Chinese people in their language and she sees them being cheerful (we have lots of nice Chinese neighbours, not like that lady asking me about "krestik";), she sees that we are interested in each other, so no wonder Aque is more atracted to the children of those people. And I don't want to change my lifesityle.
So in the mid. of September Klavka will have a hearing test (she doesn't need it, but the procedure of the speech services starts with this test), then in the beginning of October I will answer the questions about Aque on the phone, then they'll book an appointment to see her personally after that. I hope she can speak English before that.


- Can your husband drive?
- No.
- So he could learn to drive first.
- What's the difference?

Hearing "Vicky" on the phone I prepared to giggle all the way with some Victor, recalling traffic somewhere in Brazzavile, but now I won't be surprised if he is the husband of the girl who asked me nice questions about our family planing - I just confused his accent with the African talk. Nevertheless, I have an impression that learning in such a friendly environment may also be an assert, like driving in Torino, to say.


In Morat-Murten

Summer 2001


In Boudry

It smells stum.



Near Boudry. August 2003


Translator with a mop

Aque: Why did we left grandma and grandfathers and moved here?
Baobeir: Because I work here. I am a physicist. I am badly paid in Ukraine, but I get enough money here.
Aque: What will I be when I grow up?
Baobeir: That will be your choice.
Aque: I will be a translator*. I will translate and mop floors.
* or interpreter - it's the same word in Russian


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a slip of a tongue

A workshop with Ron A. @ the women's gym: "...bring the whole weight of your corpse... Sorry! Your body!" I didn't think Ron was French-speaking.
(Corps in French means "body";)


one more quote from Savage Love

"I dated a guy who used the alphabet song to guide him along. Basically, he hummed the "A, B, C, D, E, F, G... H, I, J, K, LMNOP..." song while drawing the letters with his tongue on my clit. He did it at the same pace of the song (long G, quick LMNOP, etc.), and by the time he got to Z, I was shaking. Now every time I hear the alphabet song I get wet!
Alphabet Soup

A comment from gantapo: if one day he hummed ABC, but wrote Japanese kana, could she tell that?



a picture to show our life style, something like an answer to those specific questions like "how does your room look like?", "what are you wearing now?". This is how our place mat looks like. :p (On the plate, there is a Birthday treat Klavka prepared for her dad - believe me, it is edible :) )


Toronto Zoo

We've been to Toronto Zoo. The place is perfect-arranged and well-managed, the price for tickets is well-deserved, although impressive. :(


Just a photo from the Steel City downtown

In June these turf dolphins were "in bloom".

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