cats and roe forevah

Canada has its own Thanksgiving - in October. Thanksgiving Monday will be on the 10th of October. We have a day off at the Ukrainian school. Our friend in Toronto (let's call him Sasha :) ) has invited us on this weekend, we have to agree about the date. Sasha has some salmon roe for us. As I've told you, it smells and tastes different from what we are used to find in cans. It is pale orange, not red. It smells cod liver oil - I like to scare people telling them that at the age of 3 I gulped it eagerly. :tease2: That time it could be find in pharmacies in bottles, not capsules.
I think we'll have a party again, and I'll scratch the dundruf :) from his "naked" cats, they enjoy it and bite slightely to encourage you to scratch them more. :) Those cats' body temperature is 45 C!


as an interpreter you may sleep well...

- As an interpreter you may know that we don't arrange therapy sessions with the children who had lived in Canada less that a year. - A speech therapist during the phone interview.
- Uhu.

As an interpreter, I didn't know that, as a mother, I didn't know that. I am not going to tell anyone if I know something as an interpreter. As an interpreter, I don't know - I forget. I'm a housewife, you see... :)

- Please don't forget to (...) on your assignment. And thank you for your excellent work. - My boss over the phone.


the newest slang smileys

Baten'ka D.R., this is for you. Try to comment this entry, and you may see them under "padonki" in the set of smileys.
:glam: :soton: :sliv: :kgam: :ubej: :alban: :zhosh: :kisa: :goth: :niasil: :gazen: :yad: :babr: :perv:


Halloween is cancelled

Father Vasyl' :pope: objects the celebration of Halloween at the Ukrainian school. It seems that we can make an alternative party on that day, without decay symbolics. Thus I'd better don't even read a poem by Vasyl' Stus to my students. The poem is about Bald Mountain near Kiev, a place notorious for pagan orgies, and about almost the same time - mid-October and about the fading nature. Actually, no witchcraft is mentioned there, and the poet, I think, was not even aware of the existence of Halloween. As he was not aware of his death in the Soviet prison in... 1985 - the time of "peryestroika" and other "democratic changes". That's why I say it's permanent Halloween in my motherland, and though this celebration could be a good occasion for "my kids" to learn the Ukrainian words for "warts" :) and like, I don't want to celebrate it.
Here is the poem, sorry, I don't translate poetry. :)

На Лисій горі догоряє багаття нічне,
I листя осіннє на Лисій горі догоряє,
а я вже забув, де та Лиса гора, i не знаю,
чи Лиса гора впізнала б мене.
Середина жовтня, пора надвечір’їв твоїх,
твоїх недовір i невір i осіннього вітру.
I вже половина життя забувається. Гріх
уже забувається. Горе i радість нехитра.
Середина жовтня — твоїх тонкогорлих розлук,
I я вже не знаю, не знаю, не знаю, не знаю,
чи я вже помер, чи живу, чи живцем помираю,
бо вже відбриніло, вiдквiтло, вiдгасло, вiдграло навкруг.
Та досі ще пахнуть тужливі долоні тобі,
I губи гiркi аж солоні i досі ще пахнуть,
I Лиса гора пролiта — схарапудженим птахом,
I глухо, як кров ув аортах, надсадно гудуть голуби.


Grandmother Lidia Anna

September, 28th. My grandmother Lidia Anna would be 91.


Klavka's dress-up

Mixed media: construction paper crown, oriental lace dress, color cords, kitchen towel, nylon head ornament and a plastic bag. And that's not the end of her inventions. :rotate:


Klavka at Science Centre

Frankly speaking, I'd prefer to go here http://www.textilemuseum.ca/
but perhaps next time.


no more dreams

I'm still feverish - what other reason you could find to explain my nightmares. The first was about Madchen Madchen-2 (a German answer to American Pie), I tried to figure out what original sounds did the student of speech therapy say while holding a man's finger in her mouth; then in a dream I was in Torino, looking for a lost English into Italian medical translation :o , and when I woke up it took me some time to understand that I should not search for it in reality. I don't like to tell people about mine or listen about their dreams, now I am just telling it to you as a joke - that was a real fruit of a sick mind :) , but I've noticed that it was perhaps the first time when Torino appeared in my dreams.
The Russian traveler (of Ukrainian-German origin) Miklukho-Maklai, who discovered Papua-New Guinea, wrote in his diaries that aboriginal people had the same, as Europeans, superstition of not drawing the pictures of those who were ill untill they recover. Well, this photo was taken in Torino more that a year ago. BTW, the skirt here is the same that shocked "grandmothers" at the early years centre. Voila. I promise no more dreams for the future. :)


le dossier pour chaque monsieur

The idea is freaky, but why not?! I've registered to be found throught a satelite map, :five: although I can't see myself as a blue baloon :search: - I am not a Platinum member. :)


multicultural polkadots

Yesterday morning was spent at the hospital in a company of Mennonites. Their pseudo-historical blue-and-navy clothes could be just a nice addition to an everyday multicultural carnival, but those were... uniforms. All the same, as twins. Men didn't take off their cow-boy hats, ladies and a girl wore bonnets. Only the girl was permitted to wear a green dress with white polkadots. A strange picture for somebody who was the first to get rid of the school uniform 15 years back, still in the Soviet Union. Yes, yes, you know, I am so tolerant, and The Agency made a big commitment to fighting racism. Perhaps tasteless clothes can help to abandon mundane things, who knows... :) This reminds me of a pack of crayons I've seen at one school: the label said "Multicultural Crayons". There were about 18 crayons of dull hues of pink, brown, ochre, gray and navy. No further explanations, but I guess the crayons are designed to be the colors and hues of human skin, although they are quite ugly. :) Could one have an adequate perception of his body after drawing people with piggy-pink or Krishna-navy skin?! :gigi:


Lin Daiyu, нах!!

Thank you all who remember us! I am back! Before I was back to the nature. I mean not "The Nature" article by the SHNobel prise winner who quoted Baobeir's predictions, but we were back to the nature in another, more specific way: 1) we didn't have an internet access for more than 24 hours and 2) I didn't wash my back for a few days and plan to avoid a shower for a week! Cool, isn't it?!
Let me explain you. :) After we found no internet connection from home we were calling the technical support almost every hour just to hear that they are solving some security problems. I went to Baobeir's office to write an e-mail to an absent-minded outsourcer - exactly that time I was translating a tricky hand-written medical document for one agency in the States. Then we felt that the problem with security could not last so long and decided not only to listen to the message, but to talk to a representative. And we discovered that the problem was solved a long time ago, so we only had to unplug our modem for a minute and reboot our PC! :fire:
# 2: I'm feverish, and all that stuff. That makes me think of Lin Daiyu, who, according to the text I've never finished translating, "got acute conditions around the spring and fall equinox". Shingles (a.k.a. Herpes zoster) want to come back on my back. No eruptions by now, but it hurts. To prevent the real outbreack I should... avoid water. Hydrophobia! :D "Ten ways to live 'till 100: practice yoga, exercise, wash your hands..." I'm not joking, that's the real advice from a colorful "Cosmo"-like magazine. In my case the mockery is that my ailment is not the question of hygiene, but vice versa: an extra shower or a short run to catch a bus may trigger an acute condition. This means I postpone fitness for an indefinite time. (And, much worse, I have to keep myself warm, so I can't seduce the fathers of my students at the Ukrainian school. Bwa-ha-ha! Anyway, that's an activity :) I'd left for somebody else. "Jiu baituo le!") However, guys, I work, brought Klavka for a cupcake decoration party and tought young 3rd generation immigrants the Ukrainian for "nice to meet you" and "what time it is?" :)


roe, cats and science :)

Yesterday we got about a pound of fresh salmon roe and a huge salmon (about 70 cm long). This time I bake only one part of it, that can enter the oven :) - and freeze a dozen of thick stakes.
We were to Toronto: a trip over the city, visiting Chinatown and rock-and-rollah quarters, then 4 hours at Science Centre, then an evening with grilled ribs and live "sphynx" cats, salmon roe and talks about national mafias, South African merlot and aquariums with fishes better than those seen at Science Centre.
We went to Toronto on a GO bus, 34 bucks on "aller-retour" tickets for the whole family, carrying a child car seat with us: a child without such a seat could cost our friend 2 demerit points and 90 bucks fine - a new law was invented to make money on us. Moreover, lots of people are still unaware of it!
This is just a general sketch - to be continued and detalised.


The University has money for that...

"Dear Colleagues:

"As a celebration of Mai Da :) Libraries 2 millionth volume, the library has purchased a 1st edition of Newton's "Opticks" (London, 1704). There will be a reception on Sept. 24 (by invitation, sorry) for donors to the university library and Bill Harris will give a lecture entitiled "Isaac Newton: the Last Giant".

"I am not sure of the subsequent arrangements for viewing the volume, but am pretty sure that it cannot be put on the Reserve List for Phys 1B03.


Ай да Пушкин, ай да pedar sak* (*сукин сын - фарси)!

Life gets sense. Police, nurses, teachers, Ni xiaojie and heartburn come as the necessary attributes of this life and this sense. Switching from somebody other's emergency to the Klavka's in one evening, teaching Ukrainian at the St. Vladimir in the morning and Chinese to Ni xiaojie at noon... 5-years old Mykhas' drew a fire engine and a burning house - I wondered if he lived in the same district as Kim.


a fire in a brothel during a flood of Missisippi

Kim, a mother of Klavka's play mate, told us that there was a fire in their district on Wednesday night. By the smell some people recognized weed - a big storage might be burning in somebody's basement. The police and firefighters were searching for the source of smoke, and kids were waving to them and telling them that the smoke smelt bad and the firefighters had a nice truck.


Whiskey Jack

Gray Jay, Perisoreus canadensis, a.k.a Canada jay, Whiskey Jack (!) and Camp Robber.
"It stores scraps of frozen meat, suet, or hide, gluing them into balls with its saliva and hiding them among pine needles." (Auduborn Field Guide)
If somebody didn't torn out a page with jays from this book, I would be more sure naming the birds nesting on pinetrees in front of our house. (I was told, kids often do so collecting materials for their school "projects" - a 100 % useless thing, as for me). I was wondering why did the jays choose precisely the pines. Now I think those are the grey - not blue - jays. On Good Friday (Orthodox)- I remember the date - one of the nests was robbed by black crows - they stole the eggs. The jays were screaming so painfull, so alarming, that even such an urban dweller as I am felt that despair.
Blue jays are also called Steller's jays or scrub jays or "uphill planters" because they often feed on acorns and sometimes "plant" oaks on the top of hills - without jays the acorns would roll downhill.
From the same book I've learn out about a gray breasted, or pinyon, or Mexican jay that nests after harvest, so in poor years it may have chicks only in fall.


Of birds and men

Dave is about 50. When he was telling us about his attempt to catch a bird, I was looking at him with such a horror and compassion, that later he mentioned that he was from Taiwan. I think, to let me know that there was no necessity to catch a bird for food - he did that just for fun.
I've asked Dave to teach me to drive. Not only because he shares my opinion about birds. On my second lesson in a car, before I started a car, lots of seagulls landed in front of our car - as on purpose! I started slowly. The birds were walking out, but not flying. Vicky protested: "Watch out birds." I kept in mind Dave's words: they have perfect reaction and would fly away. Finally the seagulls left. Vicky said nothing, but surely was not happy.
On my third lesson I noticed a pre-teen child on a bike moving towards us, right head-on to our car. I started braking. "Don't stop, she'll pass us." I didn't ask him if he had children. What reaction, control and what else would he expect from a 9-year old human?! The girl passed us, Vicky shook his finger to her. I still scold myself for hesitating to brake firmly. Nothing happened, but the feeling is like after being ready for an abortion...


A cherry tree gum, slip with pictures and furry canoe

"If you saw Coffindaffer outside her suburban home, you'd think she was and neighborhood mom: shuttling the kids to soccer, grilling ribs - but with a little extra intensity. "I do have a bit of a drill-sergeant mentality," she says. "My kids learned at a young age to get out their toothbrushes for inspection and to line up their sippy cups in the morning."
- from an article in a womens' magazine about a lady-FBI agent. I laughed a lot. If I were a FBI agent, how happy and easy my motherhood would be! I am not a FBI agent, so today I've noticed Klavka and her play mate (another girl, luckily) on a playground showing each other the pictures of cartoon heroes on their slips. I didn't notice who had started that.
However I always have an antidote for it. When Klavka grabs my make-up kit (if I let her, she would use it much more often than I do), I propose her to go to Childrens' Museum or give her a magnifying glass to "study" insects and spiders. Childrens' Museum is filthy and has nothing to do with a real museum, yet kids enjoy waving an oar from a canoe covered with... artificial furs with feline patterns (how would Grandfather Freud comment that creation?!) which cannot move. Looking for les bestioles in the woods is fun for the whole family. Today on the way back home from the woods, in Churchhill Park we saw a huge old cherry-tree. When it was really hot, cherry trees on the blocks aroud us shed so much gum that it dropped on sidewalks. Here, the big balls of gum were already solid, like an amber burrying some very tiny insects, but I found some soft drops and for the first time in my life I tasted the substance used to be the base for the ancient watercolors and a sweet treat for village kids. I've leraned about that from my father when I was 9. That time my father warned me not to touch it because of the polution - we were escaping from Chernobyl, living 6 people in a one-room (not one bedroom) apartment of my grandmother's friend, in a big industrial city in the Southern Ukraine (Zhdanov aka Mariupol'). So I dared to try cherry gum 19 years later in the Steel City. It wasn't sweet...



And my other -philia... :)

Bon weekend, as they wished me today @ the gym. U-uuuh, Mr. MarKS!



Actually, this is Mardi Gras. ;p

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