four stems, seven legs, one dollar twenty five cents

The snow is one inch deep, the wind is blowing as always. It is cold inside, + 17 Centigrade because of the bad old windows, that have just one frame (in this climate!). However, after trying on the kitchy leotard with a gauze tutu, Klavka didn't want to take it off. I hope I won't spoil Klavka's taste with just one thing. As for my "meigan", I'd better shut up, because I've bought the leotard at a dollar store and shoud be happy. :) In January Aque will start a ballet class one hour/week. Imagine, what a 4 year-old can get from those lessons, but she dreams of balerinas and dancers, so let her dream come true for $ 25 per 9 hours (the class is the cheapest in the city, and its location is convenient for me, it's in our West village).
I've moved a no-name :) plant with bright green-and-purple leaves and tiny ink-color flowers from the windowsill to my bed-side table. That's the only flower in our temporary, as always, apartment. As to the fauna, there is one wandering spider that didn't go hibernate. In the end of October there were about a dozen of them hanging by the windows outside and about four inside. One of them used to sit on a wall in the bathroom. It sat without movement, then soiled the wall with a brownish spot and started moving. Imagine the Baobeir's comments about it. The wandering spider is bigger but its health conditions are not better: it has only seven legs. Klavka says that the creature must be female (my daughter is perfect in the feminist corrections of the literature plots and like: according to Aque, the brave Crayfish in the Ukrainian folk tale was female too - Rachitsa-Neborachitsa). But I think this must be a male specimen: it was lucky enough to sacrifice only a leg to a fierce female. Nice interpretations, huh? ;) Cultural! :cool:

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Zimbabwe, Zambie&Mozambique (the last book for today :) )

I mark it for the future search:
Fuller, Alexandra: Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight aka Larmes de pierre and Scribbling the Cat aka L'Afrique au coeur.


Every High School graduate should know


"PAdonki" for exercises

Denis Zavyalov, a Russian translator living in Tianjin decided to become a UN translator and editor. His story is here:
Denis used the texts from padonki.ru to master the Russian ISO editor signs.


more book reviews (and more attitudes)

Gilmor, Don. Christmas orange. ISBN 0-7737-3100-8
A book for preschool and Grades 1-4 kids about a boy who didn't get everything he wanted for Christmas, so the six years-old decided to sue Santa Claus for that. Well, relax, guyz, there is a sentimental happy end. :)


Nature with attitude :)

One night I walked by a private school in Toronto when a concert was in progress. Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, and Mercedes lined the driveway. Playing around them and on top of them was a family of racoons. Six weeks later, at an exhibition of nature photographs in a local library, I saw a shot of three racoons peering through some leaves. The photographer was a teacher at that private school.
Patterson, Freeman. Photography of natural things. ISBN 1-55263-598-8, the quote is from the chapter "Thinking about nature. Nature in the city."
I'm impressed by the smart animals: they are so snobbish that they would find it beneath their dignity (or simply v padlo :gigi: - how would you translate that?) to jump on a Volkswagen or Lada! :lol: The photos in the book are really interesting and beautiful, and the short explanations by every photo are apt and interesting. :zhosh: But when it comes to the bigger text... An ecosystem, for a better understanding, is compared to a baseball team and so on. :yad:



The wind hauls and howls. Klavka watches... an oven where the chicken legs are baked. Our camera is locked up at home because outside it is below zero (Centigrade). I regret not bringing a camera on a walk almost two weeks ago to take the pictures of the last white flowers on the underwood meadow and a hairy black caterpillar with a wide ring-like brown stripe.
The downtown of St. Catharines is much more cosy and clean, than here. Nice grey churches with green-blue broaches. Well, there enough of these churches here, but in St. Catharines they are more neat, no "God never goes on vacations" posters protrude perpendicular from their walls. More greens around them. On one square I've seen quite a big creche with the small posters "Happy Hanukkah" and like around it. Kitchy, but neat.
One collegue told me that soon I'd see how unconvenient and not worthy the money are those trips to St. Catharines. What to reply? That I work for a resume? Otherwise I'd join one of my Chinese neighbours who goes on the night shifts packaging some goods at the factory. We'd chatter. :gigi: Now I can't go to her place because I'm still sick - nobody lets me to stay at home to recover.


black ice

It was snowing these days. Not enough to make a snowman, but enough to make the streets slippery. I still haven't finish my in-car lessons - I always cancell or postpone the lessons because of my work. And here is the winter. The good thing is that I was given a new instructor, who is much more polite and teaches me without waiting that "my husband will explain me all the necessary things". Dave states that there is nothing too much stressfull in a driving exam in winter: if you are crazy enough but cautious enough to do it in winter, especially in a snowy day, you'll have no problems driving when the streets are clean and dry. :)


good news/bad news

* A Big Hairy Hand in Toronto is ready to put the necessary stamps on my translations of the documents and on the original documents too. :jump: This means I can do the notorized translations without breaking my contract with The Agency in the Steel City. :jump2: (The Agency doesn't work with personal documents, and my contract says that I can't work for any other agency in the City and the certain area around it.)

* S. asks us to look for any other caregiver for Klavka. S. is going to take two kids for the whole day, so that will exceed the limit of children she's allowed to have in her homecare. (My schedule is unpredictable, I send Claudia to S. for a few hours every time, so we are the "unconvenient" clients.) I am lost because the other caregivers live too far from us, but I don't want to leave Klavka with our neighbours or any private caregiver for the security reasons.


Bullshitnik :D

A marvelous book of linguistic bullshit!


an interesting site


They do know-2 (Bertolucci)

Yesterday late in the evening we started watching a movie by Bertolucci, the title in Russian sounds like "In a siege/blocade" - I'll check later. A masterpiece, provoking compassion and so many thoughts. And memories of our own "heritage". And, among the thoughts, watching a teacher asking kids the difference between a leader and a boss: "Why does he use his time for that brain-washing? And what if one day he gets a box of AK-47 from his "leader" and shares its contents with his students?" Mal'chish-Kibal'chish, nah! Growing up in a brain-washing country, we were tought to mock at a fat "bourgeois" boss - and later saw that everybody mocking actually didn't mock, but was jealous and eager to become such a fat boss, the more bossy boss than any real "bourgeois" boss would dare to be. And ridiculing fat/laziness... So common. Liberation Tigers Tamil-Eelam use these images as provocations too...
Today at St. Vladimir we had to commemorate the victims of the artificial famine (Golodomor) in 1932-33. The principal had asked us to find the most apt, short and non-harming way to tell the kids about that catastrophe. I was preparing to borrow some of the Singer's thoughts that the 20th century was notorious for the attacks on civilians, so Golodomor was one of the homicides targeting the neutral, obidient civilians. I'm sick and decided to stay home today. The other teachers explained that to the children. However, I feel that the next week I have to go back to this event. Talk for three minutes. Be concise. And point out the grief, not the hate. I am not that teacher from the movie.


They _do_ know it's Christmas

In summer Baobeir was mourning 9 or 12 bucks spent on my toe rings and an anklet: "A golden billion... This money is enough to feed somebody somewhere in Africa." That's true. The other truth is that if I sent this money to Africa, this "somebody in need" would have a really tiny chance to get it. My other argument was that I've never ever (!) have done a professional manucure or pedicure; still use some skin creams bought in Ukraine for 2 UAH (app. $ 0.3); have my hair trimmed at a hairdressers school salon, that looks more like an assembling line (but the girls work well - the place is so dull and ugly, that nothing distracts them from my head).
In the colder season we have bought another luxury: three bottles of home fragrances from The Body Shop. There was a promotion, stimulating us for such a bulk buy. :)Using "Vanilla Spice" at home I understood what I smelt in an apartment of one of my clients. The client was a refugee and unemployed.
Not to tell you about the other "in need" asking me how much I earn - so they'd hire me directly as an interpreter.


And in my mind I still need a place to go...

but I'd prefer to go somewhere else.


Not only Huizu...



more of Toronto



Jack-O-Lantern with the Maida logo, the Steel City




These wheels are rolling. :)


Toronto a month ago



It is snowing

- 5 Centigrade...

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